Speeding and inattentive driving are the top causes of crashes in the work zone removable Rumble Strips may be the answer to

•      Commands driver attention in pedestrian or work areas
•      Construction orange makes dangerous areas highly visible

Self-adhesive rumble strips create a visual, audible and physical alert to drivers. of a change in traffic patterns and draw attention to caution signs or road construction. The highly visible orange rumble strips focus drivers’ attention on the road and surroundings, while a repeating “rumble” sound and physical vibration increases drivers’ awareness.

Rubber-based ATM rumble strips install easily with no special equipment. Specially designed for concrete and asphalt surfaces, rumble strips have a pre-applied adhesive backing that creates a secure bond to the road surface.  Quick installation and removal reduces the amount of time workers are exposed to dangerous traffic conditions.  Roadways can be opened to traffic immediately after installation.

The strips are available in 4″ x 50′ rolls. In addition to orange, other colors available include bright green, white, black, or custom colors.

Thickness: 0.250 Inches (6.3mm)


With our in-house sign manufacturing shop, the company has the ability to manufacture signs used for subcontracting, rental and sales purposes, enhancing the ability to provide prompt customer service as well as meet the customized specific needs of Road Runner customers.

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